Except as indicated below, no one may carry or possess on school property: knives, firearms; BB guns, antique guns, pellet guns; sharp instruments such as ice picks, sharpened screwdrivers and sharpened pieces of metal; flammable and dangerous (inflammable) fluids; mace; pepper gas; explosives and items specifically made for hitting or throwing such as brass knuckles, black jacks and martial arts items. For the purpose of this policy, a firearm is defined in Section 921 of Title 18 of the United States Code.

It is recognized that there are unique occasions when a weapon or potentially dangerous implement may be appropriate on school property.

1. In the possession of an on-duty law enforcement officer.

2. On an off-duty law enforcement officer who is performing security duty.
3. When a legally owned weapon is properly secured and out-of-sight in a vehicle driven on school property by a non-student adult.
4. When a principal approves firearms or other prohibited items to be brought into school for educational purposes. The attached district control form will be used in every case.
5. When professionals are using required tools and implements of their trade.
6. When provided by the school as part of a course of study.
7. In the case of a non-student adult carrying a legal knife.
8. When groups have authorization to use school facilities and weapons or other implements described in this policy are used in conjunction with the activity.

Possession of small pocketknives (blade length of 2 inches or less) will result in confiscation and discipline at the discretion of the school principal.

The following sequence will be used when an unauthorized, dangerous implement is found on school grounds:
1. In the case of a student, the weapon or implement will be immediately confiscated.
2. Parents will be informed as soon as possible.
3. Non-students in possession of a firearm or dangerous implement will be asked to leave school grounds. Names and/or license numbers will be obtained if possible.
4. The police will be notified in all cases.

Possession of a firearm on school property by a student will result in an immediate 365-day expulsion as a minimum. The Hopkinton School Board does have the authority to modify the expulsion policy on a case-by-case basis. Unless granted an exception by the Superintendent, students who bring dangerous implements to school - other than those defined as firearms - will be immediately suspended awaiting further investigation and disposition of the case. The principals and Superintendent will administer punishment to students based upon the severity of the situation; administrators have the option to recommend expulsion to the board. The Superintendent will review each violation of this policy