August 2014

Dear Parents/ Guardians and Students:

The beginning of a school year is an important time. Educators truly enjoy the defined beginning and end of a school year. The beginning of the school year provides a fresh start: chances to try new things, set new goals, make important decisions.

This student parent/guardian website is an important resource. The information sets expectations and guidelines that support the development of community. Please review this site as a family.

Receiving a quality education is incredibly important. Schools flourish when parents/guardians, students, teachers, support staff, and administrators work together to support learning. As the year moves forward, we will continue our commitment to work together to improve our schools. The continual focus on improvement is one of the greatest strengths of the Hopkinton School District. Student and parent/guardian insight to school improvement is an important component. If you have any questions or ideas on school improvement, please feel encouraged to contact an administrator or teacher.

Have a great year!

Best of luck,

Steven M. Chamberlin

Superintendent of Schools