Behavior Expectations


The school discipline committee has developed our school code of behavior with input from students, parents and staff. It is designed to teach students responsibility and how to resolve conflicts peacefully. It is written for all audiences in our school community including students, parents, and faculty.

The expectations expressed in our school code of behavior are in place to give our students the best opportunity to learn in a caring and safe environment. If questions arise when reading this document, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

To the Students

At Harold Martin and Maple Street School, students are expected to exhibit a commitment to learning and to achieving success. We have guidelines for appropriate student behavior, which reflect the school’s philosophy of openness and mutual respect. The guidelines show that you are expected to take personal responsibility for your behavior. This responsibility applies not only to your academic duties, but also to your use and care of school facilities, equipment, textbooks and supplies. Each student contributes to the well-being and success of everyone at Harold Martin and Maple Street School. Your actions should always reflect the pride you have in yourself and your school.

To the Parents

We want students to be fully informed of their responsibilities at Harold Martin and Maple Street School. We try to ensure that all students are treated in a fair manner. We have a consistent approach to school discipline. Rules are applied as the situation and behavior warrants.

Parental support is seen as an integral part of our program, so we hope that you will become familiar with the guide in an effort to help us develop the safe, caring and supportive environment that our children need. After reading the document, please share and discuss the contents with your children.

School Vision

Both Harold Martin and Maple Street School are peaceful schools. Academic excellence, respect for self and others, as well as an appreciation for diversity and individual differences are emphasized. We work to develop an inviting atmosphere where good humor prevails and an excitement for learning is fostered. A commitment to lifelong learning begins here.

Statement of Beliefs

1. Every child has the right to receive a quality education.
2. All children are special, talented and important and should be challenged to achieve to their maximum potential.
3. Children need to be treated with patience, consistency and fairness.
4. It is the parents’ responsibility to send children to school clean, rested, well fed and mentally ready to participate in the learning process.
5. The quality of education is improved if students, parents and staff respect each other.
6. Regular parental support and involvement are essential to the success of our school.
7. Building self-esteem is essential for students, parents and staff.
8. Everyone should have the opportunity to work and learn together in a positive environment.
9. Behavior and learning are everyone’s personal responsibility.
10. Active learning promotes creative thinking skills.
11. High expectations produce high achievement.
12. Education is a lifelong process attained through a variety of experiences.