Hopkinton School District Responsible Use of Technology

The Hopkinton School District provides technology in order to facilitate effective communication, enhance the
educational experience and promote research. All users of the network are responsible for ensuring that their
use of school district networks and technology complies with these goals.

Students will:

● Remember that using technology within the school is a privilege, not a right.
● Conduct themselves in a responsible, decent, ethical and polite manner while using technology within
the school.
● Recognize that the school has limited resources (storage, bandwidth etc.) that must be shared. As
such, students will limit their resource use so as not to deny others the ability to use the systems.
● Recognize that the Internet contains material inappropriate for school. While the School District
maintains filtering technology, no filter is 100% effective. Students will inform staff if they encounter
inappropriate material.
● Use personally-owned technology only as provided in the student handbook. Students will honor all
reasonable requests from staff regarding the appropriate time and place to use personal technology.
● Use school technology to work on educational projects and tasks.
● Respect the limitations imposed by the District and not seek to evade filters or restrictions that are in
● Follow all school policies regarding harassment and bullying while using technology. Anyone using
school technology to bully or harass students or staff may lose their technology privileges.
● Protect their own personal information online, as well as that of other students. Students are
responsible for protecting their passwords and only using their own accounts.
● Be a good digital citizen, including respecting copyright and protecting the intellectual property of

Personal Use of Technology

Students will follow all school rules regarding the use of technology on their personal devices within the school or using school networks. In addition, students and parents acknowledge that they are solely responsible for the safety of any device. The Hopkinton School District will not be held responsible for any loss or damage, nor
will it provide technical support for personal devices.

All personal devices in the school must use the school’s wireless network for data connections. Using cellular data connections to avoid the school’s filtering technology is prohibited. Students may not connect personal devices to the school’s wired network.

Harold Martin School - Students may not use personally-owned technology during school hours. Any devices brought should remain safely within the student’s bag.

Maple Street School - Students may bring personal devices after their parents sign and return the Student Use of Personal Technology form and receive permission from the technology staff.

Hopkinton Middle/High Schools - Students may bring personal devices and use them in a “stand-alone” fashion. Students must complete the Student Use of Personal Technology form and receive permission in order to connect to the school’s wireless network and access the Internet.