Student Discipline
The program at Harold Martin School offers opportunities for learning, making friends, and being part of the school community. Respect and responsibility are two school themes for character development: respect for others and responsibility for oneself and property.
As educators, our charge is to educate the whole child. With that in mind, we need to pay particular attention to our students’ academic needs as well as their “affective” concerns. That is, we want our students to develop into respectful and caring members of our society. In the words of Ruth Charney, we have to “teach children to care.”
With that in mind, discipline is not something that “happens” to kids; it’s really something that is taught, through modeling, some direct instruction, and often through consequences given to the student. We want kids to develop internal controls on their conduct and patterns of behavior that are respectful to others.
The 3 B’s
Harold Martin School has adopted “The 3 B’s” as our school behavioral expectations. They are:
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
Please emphasize The 3 B’s at home. The 3 B’s coordinate well with our Second Step program as well.

If a child makes a poor decision which results in significant harm physically or emotionally to another child or themselves, the Principal is likely to be speaking with the child and then follow up with a phone call or email to the parent. While the child may receive a consequence for their action, our primary purpose is educational. We want children to learn from their mistakes and make a beter choice next time. It's our responsibility to teach children in this area as it is in more traditional academic areas.
There are more specific rules for the cafeteria and playground which we teach our students but in general, following the 3 B's is a solid set of expectations to begin the school year with.